Hospitals under tension in Finistère: Sud Santé is sounding the alarm as summer approaches – Bretagne

“We are in great difficulty in Finistère hospitals. We don’t know how we’re going to get through the summer. It’s going to be complicated “. This Wednesday, May 11, the declaration is intended to be solemn. It is posed by activists from the Sud Santé union from public establishments in Brest-Morlaix, Quimper-Concarneau. Including mental health facilities.

“Finist hospitals are already under tension”

The concern is great, as much as the situation described by the trade union organization is simple: “We are already under tension in terms of staff. There are many stops. Due to covid cases. But colleagues also stop because they are at their wit’s end, having played the game of self-replacement”.

This Wednesday, some of the hospital officials working in Brest seated around the table even ensure that the northern Finistère establishment would be on the verge of triggering the White Plan. “You will see that the solution that will be provided by the ARS during the summer will be this one”, denounces the union.

Because, summer period says replacements to be organized in services already operating in degraded mode. “While, at the same time, the population in the region is increasing with the influx of summer visitors. »

“Do-It-Yourself Solutions”

“For months, the reorganization in our establishments has led management to tinker with solutions that are not sustainable. Which do not translate, in any case, into additional means, ”says Sud Santé, describing the use of reduced staff during the week on the weekend model. By evoking, again, the establishment of daily working times lasting twelve hours to operate, no longer in three, but in two teams. Finally, by denouncing the closure of certain services or beds in order to redeploy staff to priority areas.

“But in our beds, there are patients. It’s difficult to prioritize the tasks”, despairs a caregiver who now wishes to “alert the population”.

In terms of short-term solutions, these Finistère activists from Sud Santé offer “remuneration of contractors at the same level as holders”. But on the structural level, the need to restore the attractiveness of the professions is obviously mentioned. They essentially indicate that, to attract young people or stop the loss of personnel, working conditions must be better. With this haunting question: “Are we not witnessing a break in due form of the public hospital service? »