HOT bag trends in the cold season 2022-2023

The most fashionable pieces of clothing for the cold season can be perfectly identified with a simple, but at the same time sophisticated word: NOSTALGIE. The new bag trends give us a wide range of models to choose from according to our preferences.

The cold season is getting closer and that’s why we have to hurry in preparing the outfits. Even though we have to wear thick clothes because of the weather, that doesn’t mean we can’t look provocative or turn heads at every turn. With the help of a tasteful bag, your outfit can become stylish without much effort.

In case you thought that old fashion trends will never come back, you were definitely wrong and you are probably now regretting the old clothing items that you threw in the trash.

Here are some affordable 2022-2023 winter bag trends that you’ve already seen or will soon see on the streets.

Top bags you should add to your wardrobe this season

The trends of this cold season offer us a combination of old and modern, through the wide range of items inspired by years past, but which come this time with a slightly different air. Among the favorites of this season we find:

Foldable bags

A foldable bag can be very useful when you are in a constant rush. Besides being very practical, these bags are also sophisticated. Most of the time, folding bags are full of buckles or other prints.

With a classic shape, folding bags are always the choice of ladies who know their own worth. This type of woman chooses to distinguish herself by her practicality or her zest for life, always active.

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Bags with visible logos

“Logomania” returned in force with the onset of the cold season and especially with the appearance of the new top collections from Fendi, Dior, Chanel or Loewe. So don’t hesitate to show off the bag you’re carrying, with or without a visible logo.

Always keep your outfit as simple and minimalist as possible so that your favorite designer/top brand bag stands out as much as possible. Let the bag be the “heroine” of your outfit and follow the “less is more” principle!

Bags with floral prints

Floral prints are definitely among the stylists’ favorites for this cold season. Even if you don’t like the idea of ​​wearing such a print in the middle of the cold season, you will definitely have the opportunity to see some models around you.

Accessorizing an outfit, when we choose a bag with floral prints, can be a little more difficult. Stylists recommend paying more attention when choosing accessories with prints of this kind. A maximum of two items is recommended.

Saddle bags

Although the model of such a bag does not please everyone, it remains in trend this year as well. It never seems to go out of style and that’s why it’s a good idea to get one in case you don’t have it in your wardrobe.

This bag model speaks for itself about you and your personality. As simple as it is sophisticated is the perfect description of this type of bag. If it appeals to you, don’t hesitate to include it in your outfits!

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Bags type “hobo

This type of bag is back in trend and you must have one in the cold season. Its shape inspired by the models of top designers (Gucci, Givenchy and Miu Miu) is starting to appear again in stores and gives your outfit a “chic French” look.

Known for helping to create 60s and 70s style outfits, the hobo bag is designed for everyday casual style. With a little care, you can include this bag in many outfits, from simple and casual to sophisticated or semi-formal.

Bags with yarnTuri

Chain bags offer a bold look and are designed in bright colors or glossy shades so that you catch everyone’s attention. Although chain bags have been worn since the 60s, they have remained in women’s wardrobes even today.

This type of bag can be a perfect accessory for any outfit even if the shine of the metal inserts is not exactly to your liking. If metallic accessories make you think of rock outfits, you should know that many successful glam or casual outfits include this bold accessory with chains.