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Hot images of Giulia Sarti, police post: "No new video on the Net" | Salvini follows the case

Bipartisan solidarity for the M5s deputy. The Minister of the Interior: "Disgusting what they are doing to you". The Privacy Guarantor also intervenes. Work on countermeasures to punish the "revenge porn"

Salvini follows the case: "Disgusting what they are doing to Sarti" – The Interior Minister, Matteo Salvini, is personally following the case involving the M5s parliamentarian. The sources of the Interior Ministry know this, explaining how images are spreading through messaging applications. Salvini reiterated the maximum attention against these phenomena: "It is a disgusting and very serious affair. It is our duty to protect the freedom and privacy of Giulia Sarti and other people, often young, who suffer and / or have suffered the same shameful treatment ".

Images recorded by the video surveillance system – The Authority's intervention came after the revelations on the circulation between the media of private images that would have been recorded in the house of the parliamentarian. And whose existence had been revealed to Hyenas by the former collaborator and fiancé of the deputy Bogdan Tibusche, who would have installed, at the request of Sarti, a video surveillance system at home. A circumstance that also raises a political case.

"Revenge porn" countermeasures – The M5s is now intent on eradicating the practice of "revenge porn", stigmatized by the political forces of the entire constitutional arch, initiating the discussion of a bill to prevent and punish the publication and dissemination of sexually explicit material without the consent of the person involved. To end up in the viewfinder is Giulia Sarti, a M5s from Rimini, already struck by anonymous "hackers" in 2013 who, shortly after her first entry into Parliament, announced that she had "punctured" her e-mail by taking photos or risqué video .

The case of reimbursements – Now the deputy, re-elected in Parliament, has again ended up in the eye of the storm to be one of the protagonists of the so-called "Reimbursement" scandal of the Movement, a story that between exchanges of accusations and responsibility has brought attention to the existence of "hot" video. Images, in one case even false, which are said to be going crazy on the phones of Parliament and among journalists.

Bipartisan solidarity – The Democratic Party turned to the President of the Chamber, Roberto Fico, to ask to verify if it is true that at the house of the ex-president of the House Justice commission were "made videos of political meetings" or of institutional nature. However, a controversy that does not obscure the solidarity with the parliamentarian and which sees colleagues from all sides as protagonists: from Da Alessia Rotta to Paola Taverna, from Laura Boldrini to Giorgia Meloni and Mara Carfagna, who express their closeness for this "shameful act cyber-bullying ".

The hyenas: "The hot photos have nothing to do with our investigation" – The comment de Hyenas that, in specifying the extraneousness from the diffusion of the hard images, it is associated with the tribute of solidarity towards the parliamentarian. "We investigate issues of public interest, where the money that the MP said he had returned to the microcredit fund could be finished and that they would also be dedicated to the possible purchase of video surveillance equipment, perhaps to shoot private videos. it has nothing to do with the diffusion of the material stolen from the Honorable Member by e-mail ". The spread of his intimate photos, as well as a crime, is a real violence. The stolen shots would be turning on the chats of journalists, politicians and not only. Attention: not only those who spread them, but also those who preserve them are carrying out a crime ".



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