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Hotel "Borgo Egnazia" in Puglia

SSomething goes terribly wrong: An Apulian village, a so-called "Borgo", which has been rebuilt as a luxury hotel. Only in 2010 did it open and with that not much opportunity to gain patina. There are everywhere baskets full of apples and nuts, lanterns with candles, typical farm utensils stop. In the garden are planted olive trees, bougainvillea and Opuntia. Rosemary does what rosemary does best, namely smell. The room is all the finest, four-poster bed, air conditioning, marble bathroom. The TV is in the closet, you can close, so you do not have to constantly see him. So much luxury that gives the painting of the simple.

Andrea's servant

And this "Borgo Egnazia" might also be flipped into something terribly Disneylike if it were a little less tasteful, a bit more colorful than the earthy tones and white shades that dominate everything, or something more baroque than the radically simple forms of Southern Italian architecture. And if it gets a little stiffer, but we are in Puglia, and here are all people of obvious naturalness, as everywhere in Italy. They grin, gesticulate, ask whether they want to eat right away or later, because nothing is as important as the regular and lavish provision of wine and food to their guests, and you feel welcome, sitting at a table and eating lots of noodles stand up before anything can be said against anything.

You have to make a few concessions

About 45 minutes drive from Bari airport to the south, until you come to a town called Savelletri and Roman ruins called Egnazia. For a long time there was an empty space between the ruins and the town on which Mussolini once built a military airfield, but that was a long time ago. Then came Camilla and Aldo Melpignano, building their Borgo here, much as those Borgos once looked like, made of pale tufa with a crumbly, calcareous surface. In the middle stands the fortified manor, outside there are winding streets and small houses, a church and of course a village square.

And somewhere over there the sea: view over the roofs of the Borgo.

The only difference is that the estate today does not house a family of big farmers, but rather the reception, the bar and a restaurant called Due Camini, which has been holding a Michelin star for about half a year. Real Borgos also have no swimming pool, let alone two swimming pools, and are not next to golf courses. You have to make some concessions to the clientele.

In the Temple of the Homage of the Holy Orechiette: The Restaurant La Frasca.

Otherwise, one can only admire how consistently Apulian it is. The Borgo has five restaurants, all Italian. No, there really is no Asians here, no, there are no burgers anywhere, there are just different gradations of Italian cuisine from rustic to gourmet. What comes in the pots, is consistently high quality, only it is processed differently. In Due Camini you eat interesting deconstructed things with caper water, in the trattoria it goes with homemade pasta to the point. Incidentally, pasta is not rocket science; anyone who wants can be shown how orecchiette is made and which flour is the best.

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