Hotman Paris Reports Iqlima Kim and Razman Arif Nasution to the Police All

JAKARTA, Famous lawyer Hotman Paris has reported his former personal assistant (Aspri), Iqlima Kim to the police.

Not only reporting on Iqlima Kim, he also reported the attorney for his former personal assistant, Razman Arif Nasution, to the police.

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“I’ve reported to the police, the Razman who is social assistant (social climbing) only wants to be popular like me and his two clients and will be investigated in the near future,” said Hotman Paris some time ago.

Hotman said that he reported Iqlima and Razman on the alleged defamation case

Hotman felt that he had never been sexually harassed as alleged by his former personal assistant.

According to Hotman, Iqlima Kim was still with him in March 2022. Iqlima still accompanied Hotman to dance at Hollywings.

“It’s clear defamation. There’s nothing wrong with people. If in February it was said that there was abuse during the month of March with him again and again in 7 hours at Hollywings, you could end up dancing, groping, hugging, dinner,” Hotman said.

Even Hotman said, he and Iqlima were still communicating with each other on March 21.

At that time, Iqlima said Hotman was still sending photos of him wearing sexy clothes to the famous lawyer.

Therefore, he dismissed all statements Iqlima accused him of.

“Imagine if he was harassed in February, when he sent a sexy photo, his thighs all looked the same as his chest to the harassing person,” said Hotman.

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Previously reported, Hotman Paris was reported to the Polda Metro Jaya, Saturday (2/4/2022) for his uploads on social media which were allegedly immoral.

The report was registered with the number LP/B/1698/IV/SPKT/POLDA METRO JAYA dated April 2, 2022.

Hotman Paris was charged with Article 27 Paragraph 1 Juncto Article 45 Paragraph 3 concerning the Law on Information and Electronic Transactions (UU ITE).

Lawyer Razman Arif Nasution is known to be a reporter.

According to Razman, the content that Hotman Paris often uploads via his personal Instagram is getting more and more unsettling.

Lately, Hotman Paris is known to be close to a number of women who he calls his personal assistants.

In a number of activities, Hotman Paris is usually accompanied by a personal assistant.

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