Houhou’s Tactics and Speaking Skills (Chen Shanrong)

KMT presidential candidate Hou Youyi

Hou Youyi was recruited by KMT chairman Zhu Lilun to run for president. Some people thought that Guo Taiming would rebound. Some politicians also analyzed that Zhu Lilun still did not give up running for the presidency, and that he would “push the prince to block Guo” and Xu Tu “change the prince” in order to capture him. Observing the development of the political situation, looking forward to internal struggle between Hou and Guo may be the subjective expectation of Ke Wenzhe’s supporters. The possibility of “replacing the prince with Zhu” is gradually disappearing.

In 2004, the “March 19 shooting” happened on the eve of Chen Shui-bian’s re-election vote. Hou Youyi was the chief of criminal police at that time. Who would have expected that Hou would be elected president 20 years later. Similarly, no one expected that Chen Shui-bian, who served as a defense lawyer for the Formosa Formosa incident in 1980, would become the president of Taiwan in 2000 AD. When looking at Hou Youyi’s candidacy, one must be very careful, and opponents should not be emotional, especially the DPP, which wants to continue in power, must not be careless. Hou Youyi may not be as “strong in sales” as the Kuomintang, nor is it “weak as imagined” by the DPP.

He is a criminal policeman, he is a tough guy, he is a politician, and he has a soft body. In the past, he served the authoritarian government and was the first to arrest Zheng Nanrong; now he has accepted the baptism of democracy and has twice become the prince of the largest municipality directly under the Central Government. His father served as a Japanese soldier and obtained a certificate of honor. His family background is very diverse, which is equivalent to a miniature version of China in the 20th century. It is more like a complex of contemporary Taiwan. His diverse background and identity as a police officer are everywhere. Contacting all walks of life, he joined the Kuomintang when he was young, and rejected Chen Shui-bian’s invitation to join the DPP. Compared with many “family slaves with three surnames” in the political arena, it is quite rare.

Many people in Shenlan are dissatisfied with him, saying that he did not support Han Guoyu, that he kept a distance from the Kuomintang during the referendum, and that he was on the side of Chen Shuibian in the “March 19 shooting”, especially the party elders during the Lien Chan period. So far, the lingering anger has not disappeared. All these criticisms are justified, but they can’t hurt him as “the strongest in the party”. He has won the front office principal Guan Zhongmin, which is very clever. Is the 66-year-old Hou Youyi a “big chicken crowing late” and a higher level? It’s hard to say. It is a fact that Houhou is a representative, “worried about eating three bowls and a half”, and knocking down a bunch of competitors in the party.

Hou Youyi has been criticized internationally and on both sides of the strait for not being able to explain why, which is his “blank space”. It is difficult for a local chief who is a criminal policeman to have an international perspective, be familiar with mainland policies, be able to speak loudly and penetrating into the inside. The New York Times said that the KMT had nominated a “moderate” candidate, which clearly distinguished him from Han Kuo-yu four years ago. Hou Youyi is very smart. Since he can’t speak the truth, is it “talking skills” if he speaks words that Taiwanese can understand? Taiwanese can figure it out for themselves!

Hou said that he opposed “Taiwan independence”, opposed “one country, two systems”, opposed Taiwan independence to the blue camp and China, and opposed one country, two systems to the green camp and the United States. The “pro-China” color makes critics find no target. If the outside world asks him how Taiwan will move forward and how to face the CCP’s advance, he will give a standard answer that everyone should “unite”. The Democratic Progressive Party wants to continue to be in power, how to crack the tactics and rhetoric, the tough battle has already begun. Free Times 0524

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