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• Democrats have a 13-point lead in terms of which party to control Congress, according to a recent CNN poll, with overwhelming support from women.

The national poll shows that 55 percent of voters prefer democratic control of the house, while 42 percent said they wanted Republicans to stay in power.

While men are effectively divided on the issue, women support the Democrats in large numbers: 62 percent of women said Democrats should take over Congress, while only 35 percent give Republican votes.

The gap is clearly determined by views of President Trump. Only 39 percent of voters agree with the president's workload, but even lower among women: only 31 percent of women believe Trump is doing a good job as president, while 63 percent disagree.

• Do you think that the 2018 campaign will be over after all the ballots of Tuesday have been counted? Think again.

Some Republican officials now believe that the Georgian governor's race will lead to a runoff election on December 4 as neither Stacey Abrams, the Democrat, nor Brian Kemp, the Republican, will achieve the majority of votes.

The race is The in the private poll and while Mr. Kemp has a slight advantage in the G.O.P. Polls, election winner Ted Metz, could receive around two percent of the vote. (At the 2014 Governor's Competition in Georgia, the libertarian candidate scored 2.36 percent of the vote.)

This could prevent a major candidate on election day from reaching 50 percent if the race is around the neck.

• The excitement over the new investigation of Mr. Kemp's office of the Georgia Democratic Party interjected curveball in the last days of this tight race.

• On the Senate side, the Trafalgar group, a Republican company, has conducted a new poll on the US Senate race in Arizona, in which the Democratic candidate, Kyrsten Sinema, is slightly ahead of the G.O.P. Candidate, Martha McSally.

• For more details on where the campaign is for the Congress, see our Senate Election Plan here and for the house is here.

The president has planned three election rallies:

• 3 pm. in Cleveland with the Republican candidate for Ohio Governor, Mike DeWine.

• 6:30 in the evening. in Fort Wayne, Indiana, with the Republican Senate candidate in Indiana, Mike Brown.

• 10 am at Cape Girardeau, Mo., with Missouri Republican candidate for the Senate, Josh Hawley.

Back in New York, if Claudia Tenney is not the preferred Trump member of the congress, she's high on the list. On Monday, Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle will lead a rally for the Republican in the back country. After President Trump, Ivanka Trump and Eric Trump, he is the fourth member of his family to appear in Ms. Tenny's district in recent months.

A poll conducted by Times Upshot / Siena found that Ms. Tenney and Democrat candidate Anthony Brindisi are nearly balanced.

• Mr Gillum sees things differently and tells reporters in Miami that he is "not affected at all".

"The hard part is a look at Democrat vs. Republican, which leaves over 800,000 independents and non-party partners behind," he said. "We believe that we are leaders in this category, and we do not believe that all Republicans who voted will vote for Mr DeSantis. We believe that we will have a fair share of it. "

Tom Malinowski is the Democratic candidate against Representative Leonard Lance in the 7th Congressional district of New Jersey.

But his campaign workers are giving headache to Republican Senate candidate Bob Hugin.

One of Mr. Malinowski's volunteer organizers, Lacey Rzeszowski, lives in the same block as Mr. Hugin in Summit, New Jersey. On both days this weekend, her home served as the headquarters for the acquisition of Mr. Malinowski in the city. Hundreds of people flocked across the lawn and into the neighborhood to assist Mr. Malinowski.

On Saturday, the attendance was so overwhelming that the police temporarily closed the block.

Mr. Malinowski shared the news with Mr. Hugin's opponent, Senator Bob Menendez, at a Sunday morning breakfast in Union County and agreed, "Senator Menendez will like this story."


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