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"House of Cards" back for his epilogue, without Kevin Spacey

Netflix released Friday the sixth and final season of "House of Cards", largely feminized but no less gloomy, in the absence of Kevin Spacey, the main actor dismissed on the basis of accusations of sexual assault. At the end of 2017, 58-year-old Kevin Spacey was accused of harassing and assaulting two young minor actors, as well as harassing him on the set of "House of Cards". In early November, in the UK, Scotland Yard opened an investigation into two sexual assaults and several harassing cases at the London-based Old Vic Theater, of which Kevin Spacey was the artistic director between 2004 and 2015.
After being arrested in October 2017 following these revelations, the production of "House of Cards" finally resumed in late January, without Kevin Spacey, permanently removed from the series. Without knowing that they should finally leave the scenario Frank Underwood, the sulfurous president played by Kevin Spacey, the authors had eased the task at the end of the fifth season by bringing his wife, Claire, to succeed him. Several months before the revelations related to Kevin Spacey, they had thus imagined a last scene in which Robin Wright, the actress who plays Claire Underwood, turn to the camera to say: "To my turn". It appears at the beginning of the sixth season that Frank died in his sleep, a few days after Claire's inauguration. From now on alone, she will try to give an identity to her own presidency, in a highly hostile context.

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"Big roles for women"
Subject to death threats, targeted by an attack, from which she escapes, the one that appeared, throughout the series, just as hard and manipulative as her husband, can not count on a big world. In particular, she faces the Shepherd clan, a family of powerful industrialists with almost unlimited influence, who manipulate her vice president, Mark Usher (Campbell Scott). To make matters worse, the former chef de cabinet of Frank, executor of his low works, comes out of retirement to attack her.
Placed under duress, the authors of the series have taken their part, by significantly feminizing "House of Cards", now marked by the roles of Claire and his best enemy, Annette Shepherd (Diane Lane) and Jane Davis (Patricia Clarkson) . Sign of the times, it is Robin Wright who directed the last episode of the series. "There are really big roles for women this year" in "House of Cards," Patricia Clarkson told People magazine. For her, it's a message sent to political elites, the real ones. In the United States, women represent 51% of the population, but "only 20% of the Congress," she says. "Our government and our Congress should reflect this more faithfully."

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With this latest season, warmly welcomed by critics, Netflix turns the page of the series that has made a legitimate player in the world of television production. "House of Cards" has enabled the online television platform to win its first awards, with 7 Emmy Awards and 2 Golden Globes. If Netflix never communicates its audiences, it seemed nevertheless that the series had lost its capacity of attraction for three years, not gleaning any major price since 2015.


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