House of Famous ghost Vieira Seer reveals truth

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What’s going on? Amid great expectations, last Tuesday, January 17, the third season of La Casa de los Famosos began, a reality show broadcast by Telemundo. In its first two editions, the winners were the actress and former beauty queen Alicia Machado and the Mexican actress Ivonne Montero, but now, a detail has caught the attention of locals and strangers.

Through her official YouTube channel, where she has more than one and a half million subscribers, the renowned psychic Vieira Vidente shared a video where she reveals if it is true that there is a ghost within these four walls, since it has not gone unnoticed. that most of the inhabitants have felt bad or even sad.

A ghost in the House of Famous?

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After greeting his followers, Vieira Vidente commented that since the second season of La Casa de los Famosos “strange steps” have been heard and that some “things don’t smell good”, so several have not hesitated to say that there is a ‘identity’, referring to the probable presence of a ghost. For this reason, he was encouraged to do a card reading.

“From the second season I saw that something was not going very well. Also, when there was ‘señora escándalo’ (referring to the Cuban dancer and actress Niurka Marcos), I noticed that there was something else. These two letters are telling me that both men and women who are inside the house are feeling bad, they are feeling unstable,” the clairvoyant commented.

“The devil is loose” in the House of Celebrities, says Vieira Vidente

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Before giving way to a new reading of the cards, Vieira Vidente assured that within The House of Celebrities “the devil is on the loose”: “There are people who supposedly enter to win with (good) energy, very happy, very positive, that they want to give the best of themselves and that we know who they really are, however, the letters are telling me that there is something wrong in the house”.

The clairvoyant assured that “a recognized person” and who would like to do this type of damage (witchcraft) only lives “to lead the lives of others”: “That house needs an emergency cleaning. Look for holy water, sprinkle a lot of holy water so that the white magic gets there because what is there is a dark ‘identity’, it is something very strong, very bad”

“People feel trapped”

"people feel trapped"
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In another part of this video, which caused all kinds of reactions among users, Vieira Vidente said that inside La Casa de los Famosos, where Jonathan Islas, Monique Sánchez and Liliana Rodríguez have come from up to now, ‘people feel trapped’ and that they are taking things very personally, when they should not be.

“It is true that many want to run out of there and at night they cannot sleep,” said the psychic, who assured that a “tall woman with light hair” will last two more weeks at most, because she feels that she is about to throw away the towel: “You feel that you cannot breathe, that you are short of breath, you feel bad.” She also said that an inhabitant of this house suspects that there is something else and that she has a feeling that something is not going well.

“They are not going to end well at The House of Celebrities”

"They are not going to end well in the House of Famous"
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Finally, in this video available on his official YouTube channel, Vieira Vidente assured that things will not end well in this third season of La Casa de los Famosos: “Some people will feel betrayed, as if a knife were being stuck in their throat. back. The ‘identity’ here is not female, it is a strong, masculine ‘identity’”, he finished.

Some people agreed with the psychic: “Since this season began I have seen and felt a strange energy in that house”, “You are right”, “Niurka, Zerboni, Ivonne and Juan are the ones who carried their energies” , “I hope that the directors of Telemundo see this message”, “This season there was something strange regarding spirits in that house”, “I think it was Niurka” (CLICK HERE TO SEE THE VIDEO).


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