A new horror house in Texas. In the southern state of the United States, police in Wise County have found four undernourished children, covered with urine and faeces, reports local channel NBC5. Two of them were even locked in a metal cage of one square meter, usually used for dogs.

Tuesday morning, the police are called for a domestic incident. On the spot, they fall on the owner of the hangar, a man of 24 years, the face covered with scratches. While questioning Andrew Fabila and his companion Paige Harkings, the sheriff's men hear voices from children from an addiction.

This is where they found the four little ones, aged 5, 4, 3 and 1 years old. The children were hungry, despite the presence of refrigerators filled with food in the shed. These were locked up, however, to prevent children from using them.

"Closing a child, at any time, in a dog crate, is unacceptable.When you find them in the state they were found today, covered with feces, without food at their disposal, without any taking load, it's really not possible, "said one of the sheriff's deputies.

The neighbors did not notice anything

The neighbors surveyed said they had never seen any children and had simply noticed that the couple had been using the addiction for a few weeks.

In care, the children were hospitalized. They will be placed in foster care once they have regained strength.

Both parents were charged with endangering children and incarcerated.


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