World House of Representatives files charges against Trump

House of Representatives files charges against Trump


DThe American House of Representatives decided on Wednesday to submit the charges in the impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump to the Senate. The proceedings against the American President – subject to the subsequent swearing-in of the Supreme Judge and the Senators – are now formally opened. The chamber also confirmed the posting of the seven deputies who will take on the role of accusers in the trial. The Chamber passed the corresponding resolution with 228 votes to 193.

The group of seven prosecutors, the so-called impeachment managers, is led by the chairman of the Secret Service Committee, Adam Schiff. It also includes Jerry Nadler, chairman of the Justice Committee, and democratic group chairman Hakeem Jeffries.

The first task of the impeachment managers is to bring the charges to the Senate and present them there. This should also happen on Wednesday (local time). The next step is to swear the United States Chief Justice, John Roberts. He leads the procedure but does not decide. It is up to the 100 senators.

The process should have started as early as December of last year, but the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi had surprisingly delayed this step. With this tactic, Pelosi wanted the Senate majority leader, Republican Mitch McConnell, to agree with the Democrats on the rules of procedure in the Senate. She didn't succeed.

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