House purchase (credit for ancillary costs)

Hello folks,

My partner and I (not married) want a 50/50 house
acquire. Both parties can share their half of the purchase costs 100%
Pay in cash, so to speak, without financing.

However, one of the two parties still needs 16,000 euros
pay his share of the property transfer tax, as well as the notary.

In order not to be completely broke afterwards (e.g. minor renovations, acquisitions)
is being considered to take a loan of 25,000 euros. So one would still have
a buffer of 9,000 euros for unforeseen expenses.

How would you best go about this? It is home financing, yes
Seen in this way, not, but only an ancillary costs or nest egg loan

There is a credit rating, as a permanent job and a paid off condominium
is available (which should then be rented after moving)
With a loan of 25,000 euros, is it worth a land charge on the existing one
To register condominium (which also costs additional money (notary))
or would a bank give me a normal “consumer loan”?

How would you best go about it? We’re a little green behind the ears
because a loan has never been taken out before in life.
What interest rate do I have to expect?

I am grateful for any tips or suggestions.