IIn the case of the dead Peggy, the police in Upper Franconia searched several houses and properties based on new findings. "There was an extensive police operation," said Jürgen Stadter of the police Upper Franconia to the searches of Wednesday in Marktleuthen (district of Wunsiedel) and in Lichtenberg (district court). Several people were also questioned.

Media reports, according to which there had also been an arrest or even a confession, denied the spokesman to the "Bayerischer Rundfunk" but. There is no new suspect. "There is currently no one in custody." Further details on the use of the police will announce on Thursday afternoon.

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What happened to Mike Mansholt?

The case Peggy is one of the most spectacular unresolved crime cases in Germany. In May 2001, the then nine-year-old student disappeared without a trace in the Upper Franconian Lichtenberg.

In July 2016, a mushroom picker accidentally discovered her remains in the border area between Bavaria and Thuringia. The skeleton found was not complete, also missing Peggy's clothes and her satchel.



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