The National Federation of Real Estate (Fnaim), the main organization of real estate agents, announced on Friday that it was abandoning the establishment of a file of bad paying tenants, a project criticized by the government as the associations of tenants .

“We understand that the technical conditions are not met to create a file of rental arrears”, announced on Twitter the president of Fnaim, Jean-Marc Torrollion, registering this decision as an extension of a meeting with the Cnil, gendarme of data protection.

The organization had indicated at the beginning of the year that it was working on the creation of such a database, which should have been created in 2021 and would have identified the tenants late by at least three months in the payment of their rents.

According to Fnaim, which explained that this file could only be consulted by professionals in the sector, this database aimed to establish objectivity as well as transparency to judge candidates for hiring, and would have made it possible to establish a “ presumption of confidence ”towards the latter.

A “black list”

However, this announcement had aroused strong opposition from tenant and consumer associations, who feared stigmatization of tenants in financial difficulty.

The government itself had spoken out against this file through the Minister of Housing, Julien Denormandie, who reiterated this week his opposition to “black lists” after an article in Liberation reporting on the meeting between Fnaim and the Cnil.

“I welcome the decision of Fnaim to postpone the idea of ​​a file,” said Julien Denormandie Friday on Twitter, referring to a “constructive dialogue with its president”.

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