“Housing”: Handing over the “To Whom It May Concern” of the last 9769 vouchers in “Al-Mutlaa” starting from the 26th of this month

Omar Al-Ruwaih, Deputy Director General for Public Relations and Development, the official spokesperson for the Public Authority for Housing Welfare, announced the readiness of the Foundation’s teams to hand over 9,769 certificates to whom it may concern to citizens who own housing plots within 4 suburbs of Al-Mutlaa Residential City, in preparation for the issuance of building orders.

Al-Ruwaih added, in a press statement, that the institution will start handing out certificates to citizens who own vouchers on April 26, explaining that the application for obtaining certificates will be through the government’s “Sahl” application, and then receiving the certificates with the scheme for the voucher “service sketch”.

He said: The Foundation will deliver the certificates successively to the residential plots, starting from the first suburb N1 in the city of Al-Mutlaa with a total of 2409 plots, and then announcing the date of receiving the owners of the fourth suburb plots N4 with a total of 2590 vouchers.

And he stated: In the third phase of the summons, 2,367 citizens who own vouchers in the third suburb, N3, will be invited to receive their certificates, followed by 2,403 vouchers in the second and last suburb, N2, of the city of Al-Mutlaa.

Al-Ruwaih indicated that with the completion of the delivery of building certificates in the four suburbs, the Foundation will have completed handing over all its residential plots in the Al-Mutlaa Residential City project to the families of the applicants, with a total of 28,288 housing plots.

He stressed the need to follow up on the notifications in “Sahl”, through which a notification will be sent when announcing the summons and completing the transaction, and the voucher holders who are included in receiving the certificates must update the phone number, especially those who did not update it to complete the application procedures for the transaction.

And he indicated that the application process will be organized and smooth through the government “Sahl” application, where the voucher holders will be able to obtain “To Whom It May Concern” certificates, in addition to the scheme for the “service sketch” voucher, with the ability to print it without the need to review the institution, in order to save time and effort on Citizens.

He explained that the continuation of handing over certificates in each residential suburb for a period of two weeks is one of the procedures applied by the Corporation in the previous suburbs to allow space for the voucher owners whose names are included in the summons to obtain their certificates and follow up on their observations, if any.