Houston-Area Brothers Arrested for Assaulting Police During Capitol Takeover; boasted on social media

HOUSTON – Federal authorities announced that two brothers from the Katy area were arrested Tuesday on charges of assaulting law enforcement officers during the Capitol takeover in Washington on January 6, 2021.

Katy-area residents Brian Jackson and Adam Jackson, ages 47 and 42, respectively, were charged in the District of Columbia and They face charges of assault, resisting or obstructing the work of officers, civil disorder and related crimes.

The Jackson brothers were arrested in Katy and are expected to appear before a federal judge in Federal Court in Houston. Katy is part of the Houston area, which is 20 miles west of Houston.

According to federal investigators, the Jackson brothers appeared in videos on social networks bragging about what happened on January 6 when hundreds of people stormed the Capitol facilities to protest the elections in which Joe Biden was elected as president and the certification of his election that day by Congress.

Since the investigation began, more than 800 people have been arrested for these events in the 50 states of the country. Some 250 of them have been charged with assaulting officials on Capitol Hill.

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