Houston Astros Throw No-Hit, No-Run Game Against Yankees

MEXICO CITY, June 25 (EL UNIVERSAL).- The Astros’ Dominican starter, Christian Javier, combined efforts with two relievers (Héctor Neris and Ryan Pressley) to sentence the game without a hit or a run, against the Yankees.

Houston’s bullpen managed to contain the offense of the team with the best record in the current Major League season, to beat them 3-0 at Yankee Stadium. It’s the first time the Yankees have been the victims of a no-hitter since six Astros pitchers combined for no hits on June 11, 2003 at the old Yankee Stadium.

Those are the only two games without a hit or a run against the Yankees since 1958. The Dominican pitcher worked for seven innings, in which he granted a walk and prescribed 13 strikeouts; Personal best for the 25-year-old pitcher. His compatriot Héctor Neris relieved him in the eighth inning and gave two walks; Pressley earned the save, marking the 14th no-hit in Astros history.

Houston’s last no-no had been on September 1, 2019, against Toronto. Justin Verlander, the author.

Third NO-NO of the 2022 season

The Yankees themselves and the Angels had the first two no-hitters of the season. Figure still very far from the nine games without hits, or run, that occurred in the last 2021 season.