How a law firm celebrates the Freiburg location in the historic department store – Freiburg

The law firm Advant Beiten is now also in Freiburg. The opening was celebrated in the historic department store – and with a lot of celebrities.

Philipp Cotta, managing partner of the law firm Advant Beiten, was honest. Actually, Freiburg was not at the top of the list of possible new locations for a long time. First and foremost, he and his colleagues associated Freiburg and southern Baden with a good university, the beautiful landscape, pleasant winters and first-class football. But a place to support companies with a lot of advice and action? Today, the antitrust law specialist’s answer is unequivocal: the region is an excellent business location with many innovative companies. In retrospect, the fact that Advant Beiten has been represented in Freiburg since August was a very good decision.

Prominent podium

On Tuesday evening, November 22nd, around 40 Freiburg Advant-Beiten employees celebrated the opening of the new Freiburg office in the historic department store together with guests. The law firm had previously held its partner meeting in Breisgau. Partner Barbara Mayer and partner Jan Barth were able to welcome publisher Manuel Herder and Daniel Zeiler, the new head of Sparkasse Freiburg-Nördlicher Breisgau, to the party.

Stronger cooperation with Paris

Mayer and Barth also moderated the prominent panel discussion. The former head of the Economics, the Freiburg economist Lars Feld, and Philippe Oddo, banker and head of the Franco-German bank Oddo BHF, spoke primarily about the differences and similarities between the two countries. Feld said, “France is currently running around the world less hysterically than the Federal Republic.” He called for much more cooperation with Paris on security and defense issues. Oddo campaigned to make it easier to find employment in the other country. His greatest wish is the founding of a Franco-German university. Freiburg would be a suitable place for this, was the opinion of the historic department store.