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How Amelie Mauresmo has already made Lucas Pouille the champion

Lucas Pouille responds to McEnroe after his win over Coric. – DAVID GRAY / AFP

  • Lucas Pouille qualified for the quarter-finals of the Australian Open by beating Coric in four sets (6-7, 6-4, 7-5, 7-6).
  • In the stagnation phase of recent months, the Frenchman has been trained for two months by Amélie Mauresmo. The former world number one had already demonstrated his skills with Andy Murray.

It is always nice to feel a little bit rejuvenated. A Monday morning with half-closed eyes, a good surprise with the unlikely qualifying of Lucas for a quarter-final of a Grand Slam and then a phone call that goes well with Papa Puglia. Nevertheless, three years ago after the resounding victory of the son against the Iberian bull at the US Open.

At that time it was warmer since September, and Pascal had not yet chosen a messenger in English to deal with the New York Times, The pride was that she stayed the same: "I felt liberated and confident, tried out punches that hit the net last year, and came back in. For me it was the same level as Nadal."

A little wonder that has a name: Amélie Mauresmo

The opponent did not have the same mystique, but Borna Coric was a strange threat before he fell on the French without muffle (6-7, 6-4, 7-5, 7-6). The 22-year-old Croat was called after a thundering season in 2018 to eleventh world player to take a ticket at the entrance and to wait for his train. A small miracle, if we know the recent difficulties of Puglia, to set infichu a setback against the others for months. A little wonder that has a name: Amélie Mauresmo, new coach of the 32nd World for Two with Loïc Courteau.

The other Grand Mamamouchi of French tennis with Yannick Noah. Think about the roadmap a little bit. A helping hand for Bartoli to help him get the title of a life at Wimbledon, a nearby Fed Cup in the pocket of time, when Garcia and Mladenovic were still talking, and especially two years to support the grinning Murray to bring him back to the top of the hierarchy. on Top player Trained by a woman, the story was so beautiful that we almost missed the biography with Hugh Grant in the role of Andy and Scarlett Johannsson in the role of Amelie Love at first sight on the center court.

The collaboration has not led to much progress for the women, as the North is now the only player in the top 100 who has selected a woman for training. The effects, however, are equally beneficial. The hot guy after she killed Coric: "I'm having fun on the court, I'm having fun in the fight, it's just luck, we have to go in that direction." In the box, Mauresmo's tan has Emmanuel Planque's shaggy mop, Replaced for two months with the contents of the couple's training, Loïc Courteau, also in Melbourne, refuses to support the recognition of this sudden renewal.

Lucas was 10th in the world, he has potential. He is ambitious, listen and you have to see what he has done in the last weeks. Amelie is a player who knows the high level and knows the game very well, and when we use things, we never know when it will work. "

Mauresmo, to unlock the mind

What did he start exercising? We have to dig a bit in a recent North American colleague's newspaper. Apulia likes it when we get along, and he would especially appreciate the sincerity of the meetings Mauresmo has put together and is always ready to take part in the exercises herself. "Just as she behaves on the court, we immediately see that she is a great master," says Pouille, almost in esotericism
in last week the team, "Amélie played, these were things she could live with, feelings she could feel, she's very strict, perfectionist, she wants to succeed, that suits me very well." Amelie has put Murray back on the right track, she has won Grand Slams, "says Dad, who has the experience of knowing how to play quarter-finals or semi-finals, and what I saw is a great complicity between them."

Here we are in the heart of the reactor. Amélie Mauresmo and the famous turbulence zones in a high-level life. Long regarded as a player who was spiritually very unpredictable, he was often mocked at Roland Garros for failing. On the surface that was least suitable for its armed forces, the French broke up blockades, eventually winning two Grand Slams and finishing first in the world. "I can transfer more quickly what I've taken my time in my career and that's what I do. I felt he had a great deal of determination to take all chances to rise again after a difficult time."

"We are surprised that it works so fast"

The same argument that convinced Murray to hire him in 2014. "I think Amelie had a hard time concentrating early in her career before she could, and I think that can help me, she understands the psychological part of the game better than anyone else." Find new sources in the big difficulty. Everything that Puglia needed, since its explosion in 2016 shut down.

Resist the temptation to exaggerate the benefits of this union, but still. The Frenchman had lost all his games before he landed in Melbourne, where he had never won a career. Here he is at the gates of the last four, provided he survives the Raonic bomber. For the rest no trifle. The Canadian has distributed infantry throughout the country. A Kyrgios tibia in Sydney, a Wawrinka thigh in Camberra and a Zverev shoulder in Brisbane.

"All players can stagnate and change something to progress," Judge Pascal Pouille. Lucas has decided to change the coach. He also has the services of a nutritionist and a mental trainer. He gives himself more fortune. Since he left, his credo is investing to be successful, even though we're surprised that Amelie works so fast. "A light for all three-color tennis, which has proven to be safer since 2018. First year without quarter-finals of the men and women of the Grand Slam since 1980. Thanks also for that, Amélie.


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