How an elderly man was tricked into signing the identity card of “Maria Tsalla”

New facts are coming to light about the Russian spy “Maria Tsalla” and how she managed to deceive several people, who, unsuspecting of her actions, offered to help her become a Citizen of Aliveri.

The way in which Irina Alexandrovna-Smireva acted, in order to get her hands on the Greek documents with a date of birth in December 1991 with a fake certificate of a baby who was born and died immediately testifies to a study as well as an organized circuit that stretches from Maroussi to Aliveri.

Worry about a financial tsunami

In fact, even the dates he chose for the issuance of the documents are impressive as he was registered in the Aliveri Register on 21/12/2018 and made the first application for the issuance of an identity card by the Police Department of the same city on 24/12/2018.

In other words, everything was done in three days and in fact during the holiday season so that “Maria Tsalla” could take advantage of the fact that the Public Services were operating with reduced staff.

In the police ID card that was revoked on Saturday, March 18, the name, height, place of birth are mentioned, while it appears to be registered in the municipal register of the municipality of Kymi – Aliveri, as well as the first signature of the spy as “Maria Tsalla”. He states that his father is unknown and that he was born in 1991. The residential address is vaguely stated as Aliveri, Evia.

In fact, the man who signed as a witness to identify “Maria Tsalla” on her ID spoke to Alpha and revealed that he was trapped.

This is an old man aged 83 today and 78 years old in 2018, who was a neighbor in the southern suburbs of Athens with a family with the surname “Tsalla” and remembered a mother with her baby.

In 2018, he received a phone call from his neighbor, who introduced herself to him as the supposed mother of “Maria Tsalla”.

“They were married and had a baby. The mother was Greek, she was Latin American, I think, from somewhere there. This happened 30 years ago,” said the old man initially.

“I received a call from the mother. Let’s say the father died now and he tells me, you know, we’ve been there, so-and-so died, the Greek woman now the mother, I’m now preparing the papers for the daughter to get citizenship, that baby we had, to come to Greece to study”. completed.

“She then begged me on the phone and she says please because I have given the case to a lawyer… and I say ok. Let me confirm this, that it was her at that time. That this existed, it was not in the air,” he concluded.

What the lawyer who helped her stated

Apparently, Irina Alexandrova Smirova, as her real name is, had help from Aliveri’s lawyer Nikos Lymberopoulos, who, however, in a recent interview said that he does not remember the case.

Speaking to SKAI, Nikos Lymberopoulos said that “I did not remember anything about this case, the woman was not my client. He had papers, he just wanted to change his place of residence at the registry office in Aliveri and be registered in the census. The registrar asked for evidence that the woman is a resident of the municipality of Kymi – Aliveri, for example a house lease or some bill that proves the place of residence”.

Speaking to Alpha, Mr. Lymberopoulos stated that he was a victim of deception by “Maria Tsalla”.

“I met this woman over there and she should bring a lease agreement. This lady worked for us,” he said characteristically.

What is the answer of the municipality of Aliveri?

In communication that had with the Municipality, the responsible employee in charge of registrations in the municipal register, claimed that the service does its job perfectly and there is no omission.

However, Aliveriou’s lawyer did not answer how exactly he met “Maria Tsalla”, how he helped her get papers or if he ever hosted her in his home. “I’m trying to remember, maybe some lawyer from Athens called me to serve his client, as is usually done here in the province… I don’t remember hosting her or declaring her as my guest…” said the lawyer, who noted that so far neither has anyone been contacted about the case nor has he been called by the competent authorities.

As he described, “Maria Tsalla” came having gathered all the necessary supporting documents to be registered in the Civil Registry and she also had a notarial deed. “As you understand, we cannot analyze the authenticity, while at the same time the police themselves were unable to do so.

For my part, I had to check – and I did that for a month,” said the employee, adding that the spy also had a passport. According to her, “Maria Tsalla” went to the municipality’s office with two lawyers, one of which is Nikos Lymberopoulos, who, according to her description, served the Russian woman by explaining the process in English and the necessity of presenting a lease, which was presented by “Maria Tsalla” as a result of which the process of registration in the Register proceeded.

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