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how are cultural and leisure venues organized in Paris

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D-1 before the establishment of the health pass in cinemas, theaters, and museums. From Wednesday July 21, you will need to show proof of vaccination, a negative PCR or antigen test or a recovery certificate less than 6 months old. at the entrance to all cultural and leisure venues bringing together more than 50 people.

Emmanuel Macron announced it last week. In the meantime, the managers of these places had to organize all the logistics.

Recruitment and purchase of device to read QR codes

Alexis Powilewicz is angry. “We are starting to get used to the constraints imposed at the last moment”, regrets the chairman and managing director of the Paris Aquarium at the Trocadéro.

The aquarium is equipped with phones with 4G chips to scan QR codes and recruited four employees to carry out checks at the entrance knowing that the aquarium receives between 2,500 and 12,000 visitors per day. New expenses that are not very well received after being shut down for seven months.


The sports halls are also getting ready. At Appart Fitness de Bastille, the whole question is whether the health pass will apply or not.

The room can accommodate 100 people at the same time but in fact “we never exceed fifty people simultaneously” affirms Yacine Chérif, director of the group’s theaters in Ile-de-France. But they nevertheless anticipated and organized the control of the health pass. Reception agents will be responsible for checking the pass with the TousAntiCovid application.

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For Fabien “vaccinated”, who comes four times a week to the gym, this measure will not upset his habits. This is not the case with Cathy who has quite simply decided to cancel his subscription. “I’m not an anti-vaccine, but this vaccine is still in the testing phase so I don’t want to be a guinea pig”, explains the dietician.

It is not the only one in this case according to the employees. This is why the gym has developed an alternative, a platform for distance fitness courses.

The bill on the extension of the health pass was presented to the Council of Ministers on Monday. It is due to be debated in the Assembly on Wednesday and put to the vote. The Prime Minister, Jean Castex, will then speak at 1pm on TF1, after the health defense council was held at the Elysée.

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