How beautiful is Ni Kadek Leli Mariati, the ex-wife of Ki Joko Bodo and his current wife, Daemah? This Figure Makes Cool – The news of the death of Ki Joko Bodo still leaves deep wounds for the family.

One of them is Daemah, the wife of Ki Joko Bodo, who faithfully took care of him during his illness.

Daemah is the only wife of Ki Joko Bodo who still lives with the famous psychic.

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Even at the end of his life, Daemah was by Ki Joko Bodo’s side.

The death of Ki Joko Bodo dragged the name of Ni Kadek Leli Mariati who was the fourth wife of Ki Joko Bodo.

The reason is that the figure of Ni Kadek Leli Mariati is rarely highlighted after her divorce from Ki Joko Bodo.

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The public is curious about the beauty of Ki Joko Bodo’s wives.