How can science and science fiction light up what we are experiencing?

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Published on : 05/13/2020 – 11:44Modified : 05/13/2020 – 13:34

How can science and science fiction light up what we are experiencing? From the exponential growth of the virus to the need for ethics for the future: how does science fiction open up to all the imaginable possibilities?

Let us try to shed light on what we are living in the light of science and science fiction: why and how the imagination of science fiction authors is often visionary? Can it inspire us in the present and enable us to explore and invent other possibilities? And even a true ethics for the future and for the future?

With the astrophysicist Roland Lehoucq. He just signed an article for The Conversation: Facing the wall of exponential growth

Yannick Rumpala , lecturer in political science at the University of Nice, author of the book Out of the rubble of the world published by Editions Champ Vallon

Anne-Caroline Prévot, CNRS researcher at the Species conservation, restoration and population monitoring laboratory. She is also a conservation biologist at the Museum of Natural History and has just set up science fiction writing workshops with her students.



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