How can we improve the financial profile to access a loan? | ECONOMY

According to a survey carried out by the Experian company, interest in accessing a loan is greater in the 36 to 45-year-old segment, among the residents of East Lima and socioeconomic level C, D and E. Precisely, the credits They are seen as an opportunity to start a business and to cover the needs that people may have. With a better financial profile, you can have more possibilities of accessing credits with better characteristics and benefits.

Sergio Rivera, commercial manager of the brand, provides three tips for people to improve their credit profile.

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  • Evaluate the current financial situation. First of all, it is necessary to know how a person’s credit profile is currently. For this, the credit history must be reviewed, with which it will be possible to observe one’s own information and the financial situation quickly and easily. With this, people will be able to make better informed decisions that are more convenient for them.
  • Assess ability to pay. If the objective is that credit behavior is interesting for financial institutions, it is necessary for users to assume a responsible payment method. That is, assuming financial commitments so that it is known what can be paid and on time, which will allow having a positive credit score.
  • Choose which is the best credit according to the credit profile. Although people may try to improve their financial profilethey still have the possibility of accessing a credit. However, it is advisable to take into account the characteristics of the different options that exist in the financial system, in order to decide the option that best suits your own possibilities and needs.