How car owners are “bred” at the service station when repairing the suspension – Lifehack


Unscrupulous servicers usually prefer to have a car’s suspension repaired in the absence of the owner. Indeed, in this case, instead of a new part (even if it was brought by the owner of the car), you can easily mount a used one (from auto disassembly), previously cleaned of dirt. Or install “china” instead of the expensive original paid by the client.

When the car owner turns out to be completely naive and gullible, the service station employees even manage to disassemble the suspension, quickly wash its parts to shine using “thermonuclear” auto chemistry and a sandblaster, and put all this old stuff back in place. At the same time, money for spare parts from a motorist will be required as for the installation of completely new spare parts.

To avoid this, you should, firstly, insist on personal presence when repairing the suspension. Secondly, require that the dismantled parts remain with the owner of the machine. Thirdly, in the case of installing new components, check their marking – so that it matches the one entered in the work order.