How car owners are “bred” when repairing an engine – Lifehack

One of the most fraudulent methods of “repairing” a motor in a car service is that the unit is disassembled and then assembled from the same parts. “Savings” on the installation of new parts can be so significant that you can dig deeper, imitating repairs. The car owner, having received the car in his hands, quickly realizes that the health of the engine has not improved, but the servicemen are unlikely to be able to make a claim. They will always have an excuse ready, that, they say, there were some other problems with the engine. Therefore, it is necessary to start repairing it one more time – at the expense of the owner, of course …

An experienced car owner will decide that such a deception is easy to open by demanding that the crooks give back the old parts removed from the engine. But it only seems so at first glance. Truly advanced “masters” in this case will hold on hand the corresponding parts from another motor, found out at autodisassembly.

One of the options for this kind of fraud can be the replacement of failed parts with similar ones removed from another engine that turned out to be at autodisassembly. How much and how they will subsequently work – no one knows. But then you will be tortured to make claims to the servicemen.