How companies can better protect themselves against cybercrime

More and more companies in Austria are being targeted by hackers. Attackers often choose unsuspecting employees as the gateway. A professional cyber security service is expensive. But there are also simple measures that increase protection against cyber attacks.

Wien. It didn’t take long for the USB stick to find its way from the toilet floor to a company computer. The SecAttack hackers deliberately left the data carrier there and marked it with the note “Salaries 2020”. That should arouse interest – and it worked. As soon as the stick was connected to the computer, the hackers were in the system and could read out sensitive data. Because the disk was infected.

But there are no cybercriminals behind SecAttack. The hackers at the Austrian start-up track down security gaps in company systems, as founder Paul Otto Schussmann explains. And they are often human. Infected disks are just one method hackers use to attack companies. “When we sent infected USB sticks as Christmas presents, they were attached to computers on the executive floor within days,” says Schussmann. But there are other methods that work as well.