How could Java 350.638 catch up with IZH Planet Sport?

In the USSR, motorcycles IZH “Planet Sport” and foreign “Java 350.638” were popular among the population. The latter was slightly inferior in speed performance to the Soviet competitor, but still caught up with him on the road.

In the Soviet Union, the most desirable motorcycle among the population was the Czechoslovak-assembled Java. The younger generation immediately fell in love with the modification with the index 350.638, but it was repulsed by a slightly high price, therefore, not everyone could afford the bike.

On the road, the imported model accelerated to 130 km / h and a little more, IZH “Planet Sport” tried to keep up, demonstrating a speed of 140 km / h. In terms of appearance, it almost did not differ from other Soviet motorcycles, having an even more sporty look.

The output of the Java engine reached 26 hp, and its competitor – 28 hp. The difference was in the number of cylinders. There were two of them on the foreign bike, and on the Soviet one – only one. The former are more responsive, so they generate more power and speed, but here IZH “Planet Sport” was in no way inferior to the “Java”. The latter easily gained 130-140 km / h, catching up with the fastest Soviet motorcycle.