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How crypto markets react to the allegations of Tether-Bitfinex

The cryptocurrency markets suffered a loss of up to $ 10 billion on Thursday around 21:00 UTC, after it was alleged that the Bitfinex exchange would have stabilized a loss of $ 850 million through the use of the stable US dollar (USDT) ,

The New York Attorney General claimed in a statement Thursday that Bitfinex had lost $ 850 million and used client and corporate funds from affiliated Stablecoin operator Tether in a cover-up.

The allegations appear to have influenced USDT's dollar-denominational bias and shaken market confidence, resulting in a market capitalization sale of larger cryptos such as Ether and XRP at 6.99 and 4.8 percent, respectively.

Based on data from CoinMarketCap, the crypto market's total capitalization decreased by $ 10 billion at the beginning of early Friday morning to $ 167 billion at UTC time, rising to $ 172 billion since the date of printing.

Day ticket – breakpoint

According to information from Kraken and OKCoin's US stock exchanges, USDT's price fell on Thursday at 21:00 UTC from the desired set price of $ 1.00 to as low as $ 0.955 – the two being a trading pair for USDT against the USD offer US dollars.

The USDT has since rallied and is currently trading at $ 0.97 for both Kraken and OKCoin. Further price uncertainties should arise with the further development of the day.

Other stable coins such as USDC, TrueUSD and GUSD are between 0.25 and 3 percent as investor funds have been moved to some of the more regulated alternatives.

Interestingly, Maker (MKR), the crypto asset behind the MakerDAO Stablecoin project, has fallen 14.65 percent over a 24-hour period, lost $ 73 and is currently the worst performer among the 25 best cryptos. All despite recent upgrades to stabilize their value through a fee increase.

Day Ticket – Other Markets

As noted above, the response to Bitfinex's allegations and the linkage was negative, with the majority of cryptocurrencies flashing red today.

Bitcoin has recovered slightly since then, moving to $ 5,138 after falling to $ 4,953 late Thursday on the Coinbase Stock Exchange.

And Whale Alert, a Twitter service monitoring blockchain transactions, said that hours after the announcement, $ 20,000 Bitcoin worth $ 20 million of Bitfinex stock exchange money was being moved to unknown addresses.

These recent moves point to the sentiment of traders currently seeking to reduce their risk by transferring funds from the allegedly distorted foreign exchange market.

Others, however, outperformed others and the majority of stable coins saw upward movement as investors shift their preference from tether to other viable options such as Circle's USDC or Gemini's GUSD.

Today, Ether is the worst asset in the top 3 of the largest networks (-6.91 percent) and struggles to find a strong supply of more than $ 152, having dropped $ 165 yesterday at 21:00 UTC.

disclosure: The author does not have a cryptocurrency at the time of writing.

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