How desperate is she really?

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The Corona crisis is not easy for Prince William, 38, and Duchess Kate, 38. The couple had to restructure their entire everyday life. The Royal Lady is really SO bad …

Duchess Kate: “We all have our ups and downs”

While Meghan and Harry turned their backs on the royal family and caused a tremor with the Megxit, Duchess Kate and Prince William had to work even more. The royal duties were redistributed to her shoulders. Kate is not the only one who wants to work hard have troubled – In the middle of the Corona crisis, her children could not go to school and the Duchess had her hands full with George, Charlotte and Louis. At a virtual school meeting, she revealed her feelings:

We all have our ups and downs, especially when things change in our lives like they have in so many ways lately. This can cause us to have a variety of different feelings

she is said to have said “”. Did she allude to the Megxit? Possible. In front of “Mirror” an unknown source unpacked what Kate should be worried about …

More about Duchess Kate:

How desperate is Duchess Kate really?

Kate appears in the nerve-wracking time need one person above all: her mother. According to “Mirror”, Prince Harry’s wife said at an event:

I haven’t seen her in a long time and miss her.

Not only the Duchess is currently doing this …



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