How did a former Astro convince Carlos Correa to sign with the Twins? | baseball 123

Frederlin Castro | @fr3djcd

The Minnesota Twins were looking for a big-name shortstop and found Carlos Correa, in part because a former Astros player advocated for the Twins.

Five years ago, the Houston Astros had just won the 2017 World Series, and Carlos Correa and Venezuelan Marwin González were teammates and close friends.

Since then, many things have changed. Correa remained with the Astros, but González spent two seasons with the Minnesota Twins before joining the Boston Red Sox and then finally returning to the Houston Astros in 2021.

Correa was delighted to see him back, but by the 2022 offseason, both former Astros were headed in new directions. The Yankees signed González while the Twins signed Correa. Part of the reason Correa chose the Twins was because Gonzalez reassured him.

Marwin González key in the signing of Carlos Correa with the Twins

Gonzalez, who spent 2019 and 2020 in Minnesota, revealed a conversation he had with Correa with The Athletic’s Dan Hayes and Ken Rosenthal.

“He called me at the last minute, just to ask how everything was there,” Gonzalez said. “The coaching staff was great. The front office was great. The only bad thing was the weather, but the weather only lasts a month, the first month of the season. That was it. It wasn’t much. But that’s what I wanted to know.” “.

This isn’t the first time Gonzalez and Correa have helped each other out in free agency. Last season, it was Correa who campaigned to bring back González.

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