How did Bacchus to do a damage of millions of communists: “Many officers of the Security and the Militia came, he took the gift and went”

How did Bacchus to do a damage of millions of communists: “Many officers of the Security and the Militia came, he took the gift and went”


the Businessman in bucharest has managed to build a real network that started from the vineyard Turn, Vrancea county, where they report a production much lower. To be able to evade wine that comes into its possession Ştefănescu, the workers at the vineyard in vrancea came up with all sorts of natural phenomena negative.

From the desire to earn as much money, Ştefănescu combine lower quality wine with the wine top quality and the final product I was selling at the price of the latter. There is a legend according to which the merchant bucharest would have been exposed after you would have sold to an officer of the Security a large amount of wine for his daughter’s wedding. As the party’s postponed, the wine broke down and here would be started the research that led to the discovery of the entire business carried out by Gheorghe Stefanescu.

“The Students were customers as to die, he didn’t have he time for discussion. His office in the basement, in the cellar, it was ultraelegant, with leather armchairs of the calf. I didn’t really understand why all the luxury. They were hard times, he didn’t know? Who or what was behind him? I’ve been in several times to him, but I never managed to get too close. I was part of different worlds. He was distant, though not cocky, very smart, very respectful with the visitors, but rough on the employees,” wrote Gheorghe Florescu in his book, “Confessions of a faced coffee”.

It has managed to falsify the documents of the deposit so that the communists could not unravel the scheme by which the businessman managed to obtain extremely large sums of money. His business History has developed so much in recent years, the wine was brought in wagons from Virginia to Bucharest. Gheorghe Ştefănescu, who was to be nicknamed the “Bacchus”, was giving bribes in all directions, amounts exceeding 2,000 lei per person.

“Many officers, some even superior, from the Security and the Militia came, he took the gift and went. I don’t even cared about people, potential witnesses in any future trial. They were the masters of the country”, he showed Florescu.

the Merchant bucharest managed to keep his hidden affairs, although in the capital they began to walk rumors about the illegal sale of wine originating in the vineyards of Vrancea. Ştefănescu began to buy gold jewelry, being caught red-handed while trying to purchase gold from an officer undercover. The search made at his home were found more than 30 kilograms of gold jewelry, as well as the amount of one million lei.

“In the spring of ’78, in may, falls the bombshell: he had been arrested the great vinar Gheorghe Stefanescu. It said through television and the written press that they had found that large sums of money in lei and foreign currency, as well as impressive quantities of gold jewelry (about 33 kg), that he owned a villa at Breaza in co-ownership with the first secretary of the PCR of the Sector 8 of the Capital, Dumitru Bălătică, and many others. Are arrested, one by one, almost all the wineries in the Capital, some relatives with Ştefănescu, cousins, brothers-in-law, children. And they find themselves raise property values”, stated Gheorghe Florescu.

Gheorghe Ştefănescu was arrested in the summer of 1978, and after a process that lasted two years he was sentenced to death. It was executed on 4 December 1981. The investigation, one extremely complicated, has led to the imprisonment of no less than 284 people, among whom were included the two sons of the businessman in bucharest.

On the basis of the story of the life of Gheorghe Ştefănescu, in the year 1984, the director Geo Saizescu realized the movie “the Secret of Bachus”, which shows bad business carried out by the ec have to produce the state a damage of five million dollars.

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