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How did Ed Orgeron continue with the jokes, the shot and all the failure at LSU


NEW ORLEANS – Six football season since, Ed Orgeron was out of work, spending his Friday night sitting in stands of Mandeville High School (Louisiana) watching his son Parker. On Saturday afternoon he goes on television.

“Sitting on the couch at my house,” said Orgeron. “I remember watching CSS games, going,‘ I know I can compete with these guys because of the right place. ”

He was a pioneering coach at Miss Ole once, but he only won three CSS games in three seasons. In essence, he retired in Southern football legend as a miscellaneous character who could not be coached. His way would be claw back to become an interim coach at USU, but even after 6-2, the Trojans considered that a bad coach for Los Angeles the barrel-chested coach, thick, proud of his roots. .

You can laugh at USU, which hasn't achieved much since, but when 2014 fell, it wasn't like Orgeron's phone anyone who saw it as coaching material.

“I said,‘ Hey, maybe you will be an assistant the rest of your life, ”said Orgeron.

This is how life goes, certainly for Orgeron. It was never neat and tidy, never ever about everything turning on gold along the way, I have never been under a master plan that was followed extremely well.

LSU chief coach, Ed Orgeron, celebrates after winning a national NBAA Playoff Football National Football Tournament against Clemson, Monday, January 13, 2020, in New Orleans. LSU won 42-25. (AP Photo / David J. Phillip)

It grew up in Larose, Louisiana, where summer heat doesn't stop but often dreams are made. It was rough around the edges.

He went to LSU to play football but to quit, too immature to get the chance. He was digging ditches for a telephone company when Northwestern State gave him a second chance. It was almost tossed from there for too much partying.

He stayed in hell on a cyclist as he went into training, and as the crashed mistakes came, his career appeared to be growing. He got sober in the end, he married and found Miss Ole.

And then failed. And no one was willing to forget it.

“I thought I learned from my mistakes at Ole Miss,” said Orgeron. “I thought I was ready to be a coach.”

He was saying that he was wearing a purple LSU golf shirt and a smile. He was just under a shower of purple, white and gold, and had the national championship competition.

The training star most likely to be at the age of eighteen and the college football was at the top of the world and he was often well respected, dismissed, even mocking him. The taste. These grunts. The walk. But here he was, still standing. These people have no cartoon character today.

"compiled, inspired, was coaching in Baton Rouge over the four last season as a highlight here, Clemson to launch and win a 29-game victory streak, 42-25. "nbsp;" data-reactid = "39"> The highlight of the team he collected, which he inspired and coached in Baton Rouge in the last four seasons, was at Clemson launch and his 29-game win, 42-25.

LSU won 15 games this year. He lost none. He met seven teams in the top 10 at kickoff time, and four in the top five. They won an average of 26.0 points through the play games. They did it with a modern modern offense that you never thought would be a career line defense coach.

“This team will be mentioned as one of the biggest teams in the college's football history,” said Orgeron.

How this happened in the world, well, maybe no one knows him. It is a testament to a man who never thought he knew what he should do, that he didn't listen to the people who said otherwise, who didn't lose his pride no matter what jokes or plots or cracks from the critics .

In the third or fourth person or who knows what the action number is, Ed Orgeron finally put it all up and this year there was no collegiate football to stop him. Dabo is not Swinney. Nick Saban is not. Tom Herman or Kirby Smart or Lincoln Riley and no other coach who looks and speaks like coaches are designed to look and talk.

“A man, people have to talk and that's all, but you can't let him get in touch with you,” said Orgeron. “I use this as an internal stimulus. People, how I speak is the way I speak, they give me the best way. And it's kind of funny. I was mocked at the things I was doing at Miss Ole.

“Now I like myself in the jaw and everyone at LSU likes it. So it depends exactly where you are. ”

The marriage of Orgeron and LSU was perfect, the second time at least around. When he was a player he was back and bailed. Now he cannot imagine that any other place in the home would be left.

There is a shortage of this state, or this fan base, or this politics, going through with ease. The combination of your absence – “We're coming! – with conscious restraint still, he speaks to the place.

“I grew up and I wanted to be a coach on LSU,” he said. “I am so proud of the state of Louisiana.”

There was not much “how I like now” in Orgeron's voice on Monday, although no one would blame him.

Instead he just did not truly speak. Perhaps the best thing to happen about a USC came before it, because it gave it LSU.

Hell, it seems that everyone around here seems to be busking up and set them a few times. This is a state built on work. It's not easy. Never.

What the best thing is to have a coach overall – the mistakes, the bad and the mistakes of self-attacks. Which coach better for this place to believe? What better example for people of all ages and backgrounds and all repositories to follow, that the dream is not too long while you believe in it.

“It's perseverance,” said Orgeron.

He's going to the head of the coaching mountain (twice) and going back (twice) and everyone in the sport knew you were laughing … and still sitting in high school winners and in living room living room and undoubtedly everything was still not feasible.

Even the national title.

“He just started,” said Orgeron.

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