How did humble Utyasheva save a doomed marriage to Will?

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The astrologer from Krasnodar laid out everything on the shelves.

There were rumors that Pavel Volya and Laysan Utyasheva did not go smoothly in family life. The husband allegedly began to walk “to the left”, quarrels, insults. However, the couple tried in every possible way to portray happy spouses and stay afloat. The Krasnodar astrologer told what happened in the family of stars and how offended Utyasheva saved the doomed marriage. Indeed, there is no truth in the horns.

Forgiving the betrayal and forgetting the old grievances is not an easy task and not every woman can do it. Only a wise and adult lady, whom Laysan has become, can handle this. The lovers are held together by two children. Who knows how marriage would have developed now without them. But Utyasheva still decided to pull herself together and grit her teeth to go to the world.

According to the astrologer, the gymnast took control of the situation and pulled the family out of the pit. From the very beginning of the relationship, Utyasheva transferred to Volya the possibility of full responsibility for the family. And such an inveterate bachelor did an excellent job with his role. True, at a certain moment he turned the wrong way and guilty several times.

The expert claims that Paul lived a long time without a couple, if not for his wife. With the advent of Laysan, the comedian became more responsible and even decided to acquire offspring. Probably, the wise wife agreed to attribute the offenses of her husband to inexperience and bachelor disposition.

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