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FRESNO, California.- This tax season 2021 brings several changes at the state and federal level, after the approval of different aid packages for the coronavirus. In the case of California, Undocumented individuals who file taxes with ITINs can access the “Golden State” stimulus check, but also available tax credits.

“This is the first year that we can do this, because previously the Earned Income Tax Credit was not available to those who did not have a social security number,” says Celia Hernández-López of the California Tax Board.

The California Earned Income Credit is for all workers who file their taxes and report income of less than $ 30,000. For a family with three qualifying children, you can qualify for up to $ 3,027 in tax credit.

This means that of the taxes that you will eventually have to pay, Credits help subtract the amount owed, and in some cases, it results in a larger check for reimbursement.

Who qualifies?

– Taxpayers over 18 years of age
– Taxpayers with income less than $ 30,000

What should I do?

– Have a valid Social Security number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) for yourself, your spouse, or any qualifying children
– When filing taxes, you must do it separately. Don’t use marital status, says the California Tax Board website
– Live in California for more than half the year.

“If you qualify for the Cal EITC and have a child under the age of 6, you may also qualify for the Minor Child Tax Credit,” indicates the Tax Board website.

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Celia Hernández-López comments: “We are talking about a lot of help for a person who qualifies for the stimulus, for the Work Income Credit, and also for the Child Credit.”

The amounts of this income vary according to the income of the taxpayer. That is, if a family with a qualifying child and an income less than $ 30,000, then they can qualify for a maximum credit of $ 1,626.

However, If ITIN parents have 3 qualifying children, then they could receive more than $ 4,000 depending on the age of the minors.

The Child Credit in California allows you to choose up to $ 1,000 for each eligible child under age 6.

The California Tax Board revealed that at least 650 thousand new taxpayers with ITIN will benefit from the delivery of these tax credits. It should be noted that the taxpayer with ITIN can access these credits in a state way.

At the federal level, the person who has ITIN does not qualify for the Earned Income Credit, EITC.

“We are happy to help the Spanish-speaking community”Since there will be many more who qualify this year, said Celia Hernández-López of the California Tax Board.

This you must know to claim credits when doing your taxes being undocumented in California


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