How do I know if someone reads my messages on WhatsApp?

Have you sent a message to your correspondent on WhatsApp or in a group and you still don’t get a response? Here’s how to know if someone is reading your messages.

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WhatsApp is an instant messaging application. However, correspondents are not always available to chat instantly. Due to forgetfulness or deliberately, some may see your message and not answer them directly. While you are waiting for a response, it is still possible to know if someone has read your messages and at what time. Here’s how to do it!

Individual discussion: how do you know if your correspondent has read your message?

If you are in a one-to-one chat with a particular WhatsApp contact, the best way to know that someone has read your messages is the double car see you. It is available by default when the user installs the application.

The other way to know that someone has read your message is to select post. Ensuite, press the small circled symbol which is at the top next to the star. If you are on the WhatsApp Desktop version, you must select the message and click on Infos.

This allows you to see if your correspondent received the message and at what time he read it. Here is the example screenshot below!

Discussion individualDiscussion individual

However, it may happen that none of these maneuvers work. In this case, your correspondent has deactivated the read receipt. So when you send a message, the green double tick does not appear. When you click on the details, WhatsApp also does not show you the time when the correspondent received and read the message. Nevertheless, there will appear a uncolored double tick. So remember that the correspondent is connected to the internet, has received your message and has probably read it.

In this case, to be sure that he is online on WhatsApp, the best thing to do is tosend a message in a whatsapp group that you share in common with the correspondent.

Group chat: how do you know if your correspondent has read your message?

When it’s a group chat, you can use the same method to find out who read your message and at what time. Select the message and press the circled symbol. You will then see the detailed list of members who received the message and those who read it. You’ll know when everyone received it, who read it and who hasn’t read it yet..

Group chatGroup chat

In WhatsApp groups, there is no way to disable read receipt. You will therefore be able to know whether or not your correspondent has received your message in the individual discussion.