How do the fans react to the official film trailer?

from Sara Petzold
The first official trailer for the Uncharted film with Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg is here. But what do the fans say? The opinions on Youtube are quite different.

It took quite a while, it wasn’t clear for a long time whether it would even exist, but now Sony has finally released an official trailer for the Uncharted film. The film is conceived as a prequel to the Naughty Dog games, which you can see in the trailer – but what do the fans think about it?

90 percent agreement, but what about the comments?

At first glance, it looks pretty good for Sony: The trailer received a total of 130,118 positive and 13,310 negative votes on Youtube with 2,646,666 views (as of October 22, 2021 at 9:45 a.m.). This corresponds to an approval rate of around 90 percent – a very good figure that suggests that many fans rate the trailer positively.

However, there are also some critical voices in the comments. Some Youtube users express dissatisfaction with the choice of Tom Holland in the role of Nathan Drake. Johnnycatt writes: “I think Tom Holland looks a little too young for the role, it feels like watching a teenage Nathan Drake or something. You should have taken someone older in my opinion.

Other fans also point out in this context that the film is a prequel to the Uncharted games and it is therefore only logical that we get to see a very young Nathan Drake in the film. Even so, the comments below the trailer on Youtube are full of opinions criticizing the cast of the main characters.

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We will find out whether Tom Holland can convince as Nathan Drake by February 18, 2022 at the latest, when Uncharted is officially launched in theaters.

Source: Youtube / Sony

Uncharted: First trailer for the game film adaptation with Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg

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