How do we view the game now?

It was the big game during the last Xbox & Bethesda presentation. The gameplay trailer was the most watched (along with that of the Minecraft RTS) of all that was shown and social media was full of comments. Positive, but in many cases also extremely critical and sometimes even downright negative. We are, of course, talking about Starfield. The big game from Bethesda that was recently delayed and is now set to release on Xbox and PC in 2023. How do we view the displayed image and what do we think of the criticism and praise that the title has received. You see and hear it in this extremely inspired discussion.

The presentation of Starfield was, to say the least, controversial

To say that the Starfield presentation was sensational is expressing yourself cautiously. Comments abounded on social media. Which indicates that the game is alive. The build during the Xbox & Bethesda Game Showcase had a mediocre frame rate. was this proof of Fallout 76 all over again? With 1000+ planets spread across 100 galaxies, many gamers thought the game became too big and the procedural generated content would result in repetitive and boring gameplay? Starfield was too much No Man’s Sky and too little Skyrim in space. There will be no seamless fly to countries gameplay. Many felt that is a big let down. And so we could go on and on.

To what extent was the criticism of the first images justified?

However, in our view, these were justified remarks. Or were we dealing with the typical whining about the whining that you see so often on social media lately? Boris, Jelle and Koos sat at the desk, picked up all the comments and started the discussion. A discussion that quickly became somewhat heated. Because we were talking about one of the games they were looking forward to the most. And such an emotion can fly in all directions if things are not (yet) to your liking.