How do you get start-up loans as a victim of totalitarian white-collar crime?

Case: the MIN-E-DRUMZ world patent robbery, a lot can already be read on the web

I am the inventor and the victim. For almost 11 years now, corrupt lawyers and officials have prevented me from being granted correct and complete patents, which are the absolute prerequisite for participating in business plan competitions. A normal participation has been prevented for 11 years. Who reveals all his inventions to others, as long as there is not even a protection?

My identity, existence and situation in life has been turned into the opposite with regard to all decisive aspects through the unscrupulous official dissemination of infamous lies (cheating all my human rights through the abuse of the actually very sensible institute of support for totalitarian patent blockade). My creditworthiness and creditworthiness at Schufa & Co, despite knowing about the criminal background, is completely zero to this day. That blocks any entrepreneurial advancement, the repair/registration of all of my 1400 patents, and above all the construction of prototypes, i.e. the provision of evidence.

Since 2001 I have been kept at a financially zero level through total denial of justice and the abuse of Hartz 4 and actually all the relevant laws, and my only emergency helper has now been perversely forbidden to help me further and to engage in patent exploitation and the founding of a company participate (quote: “Milan. whoever tries to help you here today will lose everything!)

He now completely arbitrarily breaks a contract and now suddenly also refuses me the financing, which has been agreed for years, for the creation of a convincing demo video even of my poor self-made wooden pretotype (“Prä” = most primitive first, partially already functional, invention model , preliminary stage.of a true professional prototype). Apparently, my competition is so scared of him that if I try any informational self-defense on the web, SEKs are immediately sent to me and I, instead of my robbers, are threatened with death with 8 loaded rifles. A lot of money has to be at stake here.

At least now I know why everyone always says “that inventors never exploit their own patents, but always third parties”, who have nothing to do with the invention.

So how do I get my rights and compensation for all means (financial means, means of production , evidence, lawyers, etc.) that have since been denied/prevented/frustrated ? Somebody has to check this case out and find out what kind of primitive robbery is going on here

Important: white-collar crime only ever works with the abuse of state power and the use of bribes.

AND: I expressly ask for only serious answers, because I can fool and intimidate myself to cover up the case here as well without wasting my precious life time.


You know, toppi, we are confronted daily with brutal brute force, murder and manslaughter, and fraud of all kinds (regardless of cents or billions stolen) in the media and on the web, but all of this is probably passing you by and you won’t admit it think. You seem to live in your own Barbie and Ken world where everything is always so beautiful and sweet. There is no evil there. You’ll be surprised when you become a victim yourself.

I hereby ask you to publicly apologize to me for your thoughtless contribution!

My case is currently before the President of the German Patent Office as a question of principle. It flies up, the scraps fly, but you think you can tear something out of it. You are dreaming.

Update 3:

Do you seriously believe that organized crime and bullying exist in all areas of the economy where there is little potential for robbery and loot (even beggars are exploited by their mafia), but none where billions are at stake organized gangs/mafies exist, and in these areas everyone is always so nice to each other, like in your Barbie world? Man, I have to disappoint you. Reality is far more cruel than such character-zeros as you can imagine. You don’t have the mental skills to recognize connections, no matter how clearly they are illustrated to you.

Update 5:

And you’re wondering why I think you’re a character zero? But at the same time you expect me to show you respect as a normal person? That’s just as unfair as absolutely everything , which has been happening to me non-stop since 2001.

You describe whistleblowing as “filling up the net”. That too obviously shows that your character isn’t exactly fond of justice, but rather is clearly a crime philistine. And that’s the bottom drawer.

If you apologize publicly to me here, I take back all my statements. But as long as you fight whistleblowers, whether out of ignorance or deliberate arbitrariness, you are a brutal opponent of any democracy and any rule of law.

Just don’t think that the readers of our posts are stupid and don’t feel what’s going on here in my case. You’re just being ridiculous so far.

There really nothing here

Update 7:

to RATIO: Don’t you realize that you are only providing evidence for my complaints and that this case can no longer be covered up? It is available to the DPMA as a question of principle. It flies up so that shreds fly. By the way, do you think that someone who has been dead for 10 years can still be threatened with anything? If so, well then be more concrete with your cheap threats! The more evidence I collect, the easier it is for the courts to judge this business and patent justice scandal.