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How does "roast" relate to cancer?

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Inhalation of open fire smoke causes serious diseases

An international team of scientists from China and Britain has revealed that smoke inhalation is no less dangerous than smoking, as it may cause the development of pneumonia, asthma, cancer and tuberculosis.

The journal ATS Journals published the results of the scientists' study, which suggests that the risk of this smoke increases when grilling meat and others on the fire, and smoke may be the cause of the development of a number of serious diseases at the same time.

The health of more than 300,000 Chinese citizens, non-smokers aged 30-79 years, was healthy at the start of the study.

Ninety-nine years of the study's participants died of cancer, incurable lung disease or were hospitalized. All of them either brought food on the fire (by igniting materials such as wood, not fire from gas in homes) or using domestic fireplaces to heat.

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The researchers found that those who ate food on fire were 54 percent more likely to die from lung disease than their peers who used the ovens in preparing food. And that the greatest risk is when preparing food on wood fire, where the incidence of lung disease increased by 37%.

Based on the findings of this follow-up, the researchers concluded that "inhaling fire smoke increases the risk of pneumonia, asthma and cancer by 40-60%."

Experts say that even short-term smoke inhalation may cause increased concentrations of carcinogens in the body, leading to an increased risk of lung cancer, bladder and skin.

Source: Medicom Forum


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