How envelopes will open in FIFA 21

EA Sports yesterday revealed many relevant aspects of FIFA 21, which will be the next installment of its popular soccer simulator and which will hit the market on October 9 — three days before on other platforms — with Kylian Mbappé as the big star.

He trailer itself focused on both the French player and other great promises of international football as Trent Alexander-Arnold (Liverpool), João Felix (Atlético de Madrid) or Erling Haaland (Borussio de Dortmund), all of them born between 1998 and 2000.

However, There were several details that were left to us and that are easily appreciated by watching the trailer carefully. One of these aspects was the opening of envelopes, which let her glimpse when they revealed the arrival of Cantona, one of the new icons that will arrive in the game —to make a total of 100—.

It looks like it will be quite similar to this year’s, starting in the locker room tunnel and slowly showing things like the quality of the card, the player’s nationality, his position, and finally the club., to make way for the panel or the walker now – it is not confirmed, but presumably they will maintain this distinction in the players of high stockings.

Little else is known about it, since they show it for just a second —About 1:32 to 1:33 of the trailer— so don’t give time to see other elements such as the sparks that come out this year.

FIFA 21 will hit the market on October 9 and will do so with three different versions, all of them with Mbappé on the cover. The most basic, the standard, will not be until the same day of launch, while the two of the highest category will have the opportunity to play from day 6.

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Over the next few weeks EA Sports has promised that it will reveal more information about the different aspects of the title, starting with the gameplay and ending with all modes, including, as it could not be otherwise, Ultimate Team.