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How far can civil disobedience go?

Welcome to the 79th episode of the F.A.Z. Opposition podcast!

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In today's program, we are talking about the somewhat creative rationale with which the European Court of Justice has given itself the authority to judge the Polish judicial reforms – and why it has now declared them to be in violation of European law.

Afterwards we look at the protests against lignite mining in NRW under the slogan # EndeGelände and ask ourselves, what role the reform of the North Rhine-Westphalian police law plays and how far civil disobedience can go.

The long search for a new Minister of Justice and the finally found Christine Lambrecht presents our legal policy correspondent Helene Bubrowski in a guest appearance.

Then we look at the tax reform that has now been passed and the different valuation models that Bavaria on the one hand and the other states on the other hand want to apply.

Finally, we dedicate ourselves to Peter Tauber's demand to deprive right-wing hunters of individual fundamental rights and to explain under what conditions this is legally possible and in which historical situations there have already been corresponding attempts.

The conclusion is as always the just judgment, this time to strategies of judicial labor avoidance.

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07:07 ECJ to Poland
14:36 ​​# EndeGelände / Polizeerecht NRW / civil disobedience
34:28 Christine Lambrecht
47:48 Real estate tax reform
58:57 Peter Tauber demands withdrawal of fundamental rights
1:06:15 The righteous judgment

Show notes:

ECJ on Poland:



Police Law NRW / End of Terrain / Civil Disobedience:










Polizeigesetz: Staatstrojaner nun auch in NRW beschlossene Sache

Christine Lambrecht:








https://www.bundesfinanzministerium.de/Content/DE/Gesetzestexte/Gesetze_Gesetzesvorhaben/Abteilungen/Abteilung_IV/19_Legislaturperiode/Gesetze_Verordnungen/G-Aenderung-GrStG-Mobilisierung-baureife-Grundstuecke/1-Referentenentwurf.pdf;jsessionid=641121C5FEBA0A9AA650838FBDA7E1DB?__blob= publication file & v = 4


Fundamental rights deprivation:



Fair judgment:




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