How fast is MLB” Shohei Otani?The inside roll actually ran into a second base-Sports-China Times News

The Los Angeles Angels lost to the Tampa Bay Rays on the 4th, but Shohei Otani performed a rare “long hit” shot. In the first game, he hit a strong roll in the middle direction and the ball hit the glove of third baseman Mike Brosseau. Rebounding, the center and fielder Kevin Kiermaier picked up the ball and passed it back. Unexpectedly, Otani had already ran to second base! In addition to being fast, his daring to go straight to second base is the key, and the record gives him a second base. Ray still won 7-3 in the final,

Angel Otani Shohei ran a second base with a quick leg. (MLB Facebook)

In the previous game against the Seattle Mariners, Otani injured his right elbow with a touch ball, but he actually stole two base bags, rushed from first base to third base and humiliated the opposing pitcher, revenge. However, Otani was originally going to board and pitch the ball against the rays, and was forced to change to DH to hit the second stick.

Head coach Joe Maddon said: “After his elbow is hit, I think it’s better not to let him shoot the next day. His elbow is still sore, and his swing is okay, but he has to shoot 95. The 95 mph ball is still a bit difficult, maybe take a day or two and check it out.”

Otani made a right shot and left hit. He can still be a hitter if his right hand is injured, and he can still hit. He wanted to steal the third base after the magical second base, and this time he was caught by the catcher. In the 6th inning, Otani didn’t want to play hide-and-seek with the opposing catcher anymore. He hit the ball more than 400 feet with one stick and ran a lap back to home plate. This was a two-run home run in the field!

In this battle, Otani had 4 hits, 2 hits, and 2 RBI. Although the Angels did not win, the 10,000 spectators at home, especially those who watched Otani, were worth the price. Anthony Rendon followed Dagu with a good shot, and the two of them took care of the team’s 3 points. “Shen Trout” Mike Trout (Mike Trout) did not feel well and only knocked out 1 ann. The batting rate dropped to 0.410 and still ranked first in the league.

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