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how is the solidarity movement in social networks to help stranded Argentines

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The latest measures to try to alleviate the coronavirus crisis – and prevent the rapid entry of the Delta variant – brought complications in the schedules of airlines and travelers in the last hours.

The ghost of people stranded abroad – a true nightmare in 2020, when the pandemic began – begin to haunt.

In this context, a tourism company launched a solidarity initiative to help those who do not know when they will be able to return to the country. And several individuals, in different parts of the world, joined.

As of this Monday, only 600 passengers per day can enter through the Ezeiza airport. The figure, which represents the maximum capacity of two Airbus 330-200, forced airlines to reschedule their itineraries.


Between uncertainty and concern for travelers, Turismocity devised a social media campaign in order to serve as an intermediary between stranded tourists and people who may host them.

“People started writing us desperate, crying saying that they canceled their flight to return and we said: ‘We have to help in some way “, says Julián Gurfinkiel, co-founder of the company, who highlights that most of the people who consult him have doubts about whether or not they will be able to do use of your airs.

Both on the company’s Instagram, Facebook and Twitter profiles, comments can be left stating where the people willing to help are located so that other users can write to them and thus get in touch.

“On the one hand, the goal is connect to stranded people so they can share expenses for lodging or whatever. And on the other, make visible people who live in some destinations and can offer their home. There are already many that have been offered in places like New York, São Paulo, Santiago de Chile, Switzerland, Sweden ”, adds Gurfinkiel.

Many Internet users supported the initiative and congratulated the company for trying to help at such a complex time.

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Jesús Borda Varela, who currently lives in Saint Paul, Brazil, did not hesitate to offer their home when they saw the proposal.

“It seemed like a very good idea and that many of us, Argentines in other parts of the world, can contribute. Personally, I volunteered because it is a very complicated pandemic situation that we are going through, from the health aspect as well as the economic one and sometimes even a “let’s go, we can!” it helps a lot, ”he said.

Osky Grondona, located in the same city, left the country 4 days before the pandemic was decreed in March 2020. At that time, he decided to help other people who did not know how or when they would be able to return.

Arrival and boarding of passengers in Ezeiza. Photo Rolando Andrade Stracuzzi.

“I saw how badly people went through at that time. It was terrible because many had neither a peso nor a place to stay. I volunteered because they are not to blame for arbitrary decisions by governments. The truth is that the initiative seemed great to me.”

Germán Arado, born in Neuquén and currently living in Puerto Rico joined the campaign and said: “Many people go on vacation with just enough, they get stranded abroad and the currency exchange does not help. I myself understand what it costs to leave the country, I could gladly help whoever needs it. Argentines abroad are like family ”.

Among several comments from users telling that they are unable to return from the United States, Camila Louge, wrote that it is available to anyone who needs it since she herself was stranded in the first days of June in New York.

Fede Graziano, who is living in Barcelona He maintains: “I am Argentine and I will be there to help my compatriots. Although I believe that the government’s measures are correct given the current situation of the pandemic in the country, it is also true that there are many people who may be affected. For those who need a room for a few days and cannot afford accommodation, the doors are open ”.

From Turismocity, they got in touch with hotel chains to be able to offer free or minimal cost hosting to those who need them. Wyndham has already been made available to the company and NH Hoteles would provide rooms in New York and Europe.

The settlement is premature and the conditions to provide this option are being evaluated.


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