How it later succeeded in life, coined Anthony Bourdain

On Sunday, Anthony Bourdain's latest episode of the popular travel show "Parts Unknown" will air on CNN, showing the departed chef's travels to Bhutan. Bourdain was found dead on June 8 at the age of 61.

Everything has changed this year. He wrote an article for the New Yorker entitled "Do not Eat Before You Read This," which he sold in the massively popular book "Kitchen Confidential."

"Oh, man, I was in the kitchen at the age of 44 and did not know what it was like to fall asleep without deadly terror, and I was in terrible, endless, irrevocable debt," Bourdain Jensen said. "I did not have health insurance, I did not pay my taxes, I could not pay my rent."

He added, "It was a nightmare, but it has all been different for about 15 years, if it looks like my life is comfortable, well, that's a whole new thing for me."


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