How Joost Prinsen courted Noraly Beyer –

He was with Emma for almost 50 years. She was his everything. And the mourning after her death was profound.

Until Joost Prinsen thought he had to move on. And also felt something of lust. For the first time in fifty years, he was suddenly a free boy again. And that brought up in him an interest in sex of the kind he had grown accustomed to. “It’s time for a date, Dad,” his youngest daughter Fleur said in June, having had enough of his self-pity.

That was too early. But a while later it was not too early, he tells de Volkskrant. De Volkskrant: “In the distant past, he had briefly worked with Noraly Beyer and then really liked her. She was his age. He got her contact details via via, and took the plunge: he invited her for a cup of coffee. clicked, but the jump turned into a hop because he got corona and he couldn’t meet for a while. “Dear Prince, I’m sending you a bosi and a brasa to heal further,” the former newsreader wrote to him. Once fever-free and declared cured, he invited her to lunch at his house. “We sat there at the kitchen table, kissing a bit awkwardly like 16-year-old children in a porch.” Then he invited her to dinner, asking her to bring her toothbrush. ‘It was red.'”

Bron (nen): De Volkskrant
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