How long does it take to report to the Credit Bureau?

Many people fail to meet the Payments his financial commitments as agreed when hiring them, for various reasons such as unforeseen, emergencies or simply because they do not know how much their payment capacity and with it the debt begins to spiral out of control. In those moments a doubt usually invades the accredited defaulters How long does it take to send me to Credit bureau?

If you have stopped paying a bank loan o la credit card You should know that for this to be reflected in your credit bureau history, 10 to 30 days must elapse from the expiration of the payday limit.

This means that within a month since you stop paying the debt, it will appear in your record of your behavior as a debtor.

While the lack of your payment is updated in each period, when you continue to fall behind in the debt, the MOP Code in your credit history will give way to others that harm your score.

The Clave MOP means Month of Payment o Month of Payment in English, and refers precisely to the behavior with which you take charge of your credit, including when you stop paying on time.

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As time goes by and you do not give signals to the Credit Bureau to update you, the password will be replaced by others from MOP-1 That indicates that you are up to date, but when the legend that appears is MOP-96, it means that to date you have a delay of 12 months or more with the credit.

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The key that follows this point is the most feared in a credit bureau history, number 67, as it is a sign that your debt is irrecoverable and therefore your score in the Score will be affected, limiting your possibility of access to Some financial products.

To leave this situation behind, it is inevitable that you pay the money they loaned you, but for it to be feasible you must process a restructuring that makes the debt more bearable and that you can pay it off without resorting to instruments with which you pay less to get out of debt, but in exchange leave a LC key in your record with the consequences that it implies.

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