How long will the Green Pass last? The reply from Undersecretary Sileri

“The Green Pass it is not a passport that lasts 10 years, it will have an expiry date. We will not live forever with the Green Pass, it is temporary and will see an end when the pandemic phase of the virus ends ”. The Undersecretary of Health said so, Pierpaolo Sileri, guest of 24 Morning, container of Radio 24.

Sileri then added that “everything will depend on the circulation of the virus. When you go from a pandemic to an endemic, with minimal virus circulation, then the Green Pass will no longer be needed. I believe that 2022 will truly be the year of the turning point ”.

The undersecretary, then, about the quarantine for classes, he said: “Let’s wait what the CTS will say, but here too the common sense of vaccination and screening in the under-12-year-old classes even with salivary tests will have to limit the quarantines for the classes. Then it will depend on the type of class and on what is the possibility of contact ”.

Sileri specified that “in the smaller classes it is easier for contact to occur and therefore it is more difficult to manage restricted quarantines, while in the classes where there are slightly larger subjects it is clear that everything is simpler because the contacts are more limited ”.

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