How many complaints were approved and filed with the Ethics Commission?

Eleven complaints were approved by the working group out of a total of 117, another 91 were archived

Since the current Congress of the Republic was installed, the Parliamentary Ethics Commission evaluated 117 complaints against congressmen, of which 91 were filed and 11 ended with a recommendation for sanction. The rest are in the process of investigation or preliminary inquiry.

Of the 11 cases with a sanction recommendation, five were seen in plenary y in only two the sanction was approved recommended by the Ethics Commission. The first was against Freddy Diaz Monago, former legislator of the Alliance for Progress (APP), approved on September 7, 2022. The second was against Enrique Wong Up (not grouped), approved on March 30, 2023.

In both cases, the national representation approved suspending them for 120 days of legislature and without pay.

Díaz Monago was denounced for having used the rooms of his congressional office to drink liquor and for sexual abuse against a worker in his congressional office. Later, on January 12 of this year, he was released.

Meanwhile, Wong Pujada was denounced for having exerted influence in the appointment of his main office adviser as president of the board of the National Port Company (ENAPU).


The reports that recommended the suspension and discount of salaries of 120 days of legislature for legislators Jorge Luis Flores Ancachi and Elvis Vergara Mendoza (Popular Action) were rejected by the plenary session of Congress in the session of March 30, 2023.

Both parliamentarians were accused by the businesswoman Karelim López, as members of a group called “Los Niños”, who would have had personal benefits and advantages from former President Pedro Castillo.

Parliamentarian Arturo Alegría (Popular Force), presented a reconsideration of the vote that refused to suspend Flores Ancachi and Vergara Mendoza. However, the national representation, in its session on Tuesday, April 4 of this year, did not approve the proposed reconsideration.

In addition, the plenary session of Congress, in its session of March 30, 2023, approved the previous question so that the report that recommends 60 days of suspension and discount of his salaries for Congressman Luis Cordero Jon Tay is returned to the Ethics Commission.

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The Ethics Commission also investigated complaints involving congressmen Patricia Chirinos (Avanza País), Héctor Valer Pinto (Somos Perú), Wilmar Elera (Somos Perú), for whom sanctions ranging from public reprimand or recommendation, or fine . The cases were sanctioned directly in this working group.

However, legislator Valer Pinto appealed the sanction of a written reprimand with a 15-day fine for having stated that his colleague José Cueto Proceso worked with former presidential adviser Vladimiro Montesinos. Given this, the sanction was raised to the Mayor’s Office so that the Board of Directors schedules a hearing before the plenary session. There is no scheduled date yet.

Fuente: Andean Agency