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How many jobs are related to the Cattenom nuclear power plant?

The Cattenom power station, Moselle (Archives) – Spiegl / Photoweb / SIPA

  • INSEE has published a study on jobs related to the Cattenom nuclear power plant in Moselle.
  • The EDF plant directly employs 1,600 people in the industry on qualified jobs. By adding subcontracting jobs as well as those induced in the Moselle territory, 3,700 jobs are linked to the plant.

We now have an idea of ​​how the Cattenom power station can look from space thanks to a photograph of Russian cosmonaut Sergey Ryazanskiy (nothing to see with
overflight of the power station by drones). But what is its impact on Moselle territory, on the ground?

INSEE has done the study, in partnership with the Dreal of Great East and the Settlement Committee of the Cattenom plant, seeking to measure in particular the effect of the nuclear power plant in Lorraine on the economic plan. According to the institute, the Cattenom EDF power plant directly employs 1,620 industrial workers, mostly men and in qualified jobs: 85% of them are men, 31% are managers and some are professionals. intermediaries (technicians and foremen) for 64%. Contracts are for the most part indefinite (96%)

More than 1,000 other induced jobs

In the Grand Est region, the plant's activity generates 910 jobs through subcontracting, including 840 in the Moselle département (including 650 on the Cattenom site itself). Direct and indirect employees and their families induce, by their consumption, 1,220 other jobs in the Great East, including 1,130 in Moselle.

In total, 3,700 jobs are linked to the power station and their households include 10,500 inhabitants of the Grand Est. Among them, six out of ten live in a perimeter of 61 municipalities where the plant plays an important economic role. By way of comparison, in the same region of Grand Est, about 2,000 jobs are directly or indirectly linked to the Fessenheim plant, which is scheduled for closure.

Thionville benefits

With 360 residents, or 13% of its population, Cattenom only ranks 4th among
municipalities most concerned by the jobs related to the plant. In number of people, it is preceded by Thionville (2,000 people), Terville and Manom.

>> The Cattenom power station seen from space

In terms of purchasing power and therefore potential local economic benefits, INSEE continues, a salary of the plant corresponds to 1.8 regional wages or 1.4 cross-border worker wages.

The Cattenom nuclear power plant is one of the two largest in France, generating electricity from its four reactors. The question of the conversion of jobs related to the plant and the effects on local economies could be raised because of the French objective of reducing the share of nuclear power in electricity production, within the framework of the.


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